We occasionally visited the shelter, visiting the dogs and puppies we knew we couldn’t adopt yet, because we were apartment bound and unsettled, but being animal lovers, we just wanted to see them and say hi. We moved into a house, and on October 19, 2013, not intending on getting a dog just yet, we went to the shelter to visit and that is when we met “Count.” Unlike all the other dogs in the shelter, Count was laying down in his cage in the corner of the room, eyes wide open, watching and taking in everything that was around him – not jumping, not barking – just watching.

He stood out like a sore thumb. I saw him, my son saw him, then I hear, “Mommy I want him!” Unlike every other dog he had requested to see, I said ok let’s meet him! We met him and boy was he scared. He didn’t like the noises, the smells, the movements, and after spending two hours with him, he played with us a little bit. He needed help and we were it. The shelter was nervous about sending him home with us because of how scared he was, and sent him to foster for a week.

I kept in touch, adamant I was the one he needed to to take him home and help him become the happy dog he deserves to be. I had rescued and cared for another scared animal – an abused cat whom I rescued and has since passed after 23 happy years – and it takes time and love for them to come around, but it is possible.

Well, after fostering, he was cleared to be adopted by us! We were so happy! I couldn’t pick him up soon enough! He was a bit nervous, but as soon as we entered the pet store on our way home, he pranced right in like he owned the place! He had everyone fooled! He just wanted fresh air and freedom! We renamed our dear puppy Count Remington, Remi for short, and took him everywhere we could. At first, he was scared of loud noises, quick movements, and riding in the car, but with a little bit of encouragement, he slowly started to trust in his new “pack.”

After countless walks around towns in the area, visits to the pet stores, football and soccer games, Remi is now a loveable snug bug who has not met a person or animal he doesn’t like. Remi will stand in the middle of a swarming group of children and enjoy the squeals and pets, loves playing with other dogs, looks forward to walks and playing frisbee, and just enjoys life as a happy almost 9 month old puppy. Remi enjoys the beach, the park, the snow, playing keep away with his 6 year old boy, and playing in big huge puddles. He enjoys our wandering adventures through parks and we can’t wait to take our Rovin’ Remi on our hikes and adventures this summer! We can’t imagine our lives without him and he is the perfect addition to our family and more than we could have asked for.