Yana came to us at 2 lbs 8 weeks old.  She is now 15 weeks and has grown!  Yana is happy, fun and loving. She has connected all the dots in all of our lives, filled all the missing links and mended all the broken hearts. She is just starting to bark.

She is so happy with us, I swear she is laughing all the time. She was practically all potty trained by day 3. She is herding and hording all her toys, some sox, some scarfs, some gloves, what ever, she has found all lost items within the house, things we have not found in literally years. She has found Shaky’s hidden bones and dragged things 3 times her size across the floor into her little crate. She is like an ANT! She has 3 crates and 3 beds of her own and she loves every one them! She is funny loving and playful, and seems very healthy.

Thank you so much for all your help. We all (including my sisters nieces, nephew and their friends) love her very much. She is great for my little son – they too love each other very much. I still painfully miss my little “Shaky Girl,” yet Yana is helping so much and Shaky Girl would have absolutely loved her!

Take Care, Shelly (Mugnano) Dunne 🙂