We adopted Sandy on 11/9/13. We are all having a ball together! Sandy is so fun and playful. It did not take long for us to realize Sandy hardly ever barked! Our curiosity was peaked and we started researching. We were very surprised to find our Sandy was a mix of two incredible dog breeds. Labrador retriever and Basenji. We all know and love the gentle easy going personality of the Lab but few know the incredible traits of the Basenji.  Here are just a few:

– The Basenji originates from wild canids that do not bark. After all, silence and stealth are a key part of survival in the wild.

– Basenjis are mischievous. They love to play and are very intelligent.

– Basenjis do not have doggy odor and have limited dander. Many people who suffer with allergies are able to live with a Basenji in their home.

Sandy really does a good job sharing herself with the two of us, and she will sit by our feet or jump up on “her” foot stool to get her up to our level and occationaly give me a “drive by” kiss as she passes by. Thank you for taking her in till fate brought us together! I have so many fabulous photo’s of her, uploading one is really hard!!
Mike and Cassie