We lost our Oliver, a 13-year-old miniature poodle, December 12th, only to be followed by our 11-year-old Collie, Joseph, on January 24th. We adopted our Joseph when he was 3-years-old at NEAS in 2005, as well as a kitten and two other dogs years before that, so NEAS has played a major role in contributing much happiness to our lives throughout the years.

After six weeks of grief and sadness, my husband and I decided to visit NEAS on March 8th to look at a miniature poodle that had just become available.  However the poodle’s blue card had already been taken, so our names were added the list of those waiting to be interviewed for him. We thought we’d pass the time by “just looking” at all the dogs and puppies, and THEN we saw NOBLE! Although he was not exactly what we thought we had in mind, setting eyes upon Noble was like an instantaneous recognition for us, and fortunately, his blue card was still with him!

Still a puppy, Noble is adjusting very well to his new home. Our two eighteen-year-old cats have accepted him – or should I say, are “tolerant” of him – and he has already had several play dates with other dogs in the neighborhood. He and his puppy shenanigans have brought joy and excitement to our household again, and we look forward to giving him the best home possible and the gentle guidance he’ll need so he can become the best dog ever. (Also: I am thrilled that the mini poodle formerly known as “Atomic” has found himself the best home possible, too!)

Thank-you, NEAS for all the wonderful work you do!