I came to NEAS in late September, 2013 in hopes of finding a dog who would become my next baby. I was committed to being patient and finding the right match for both me and my pup, but was immediately taken with a terrier mix named Snuffles. He stole my heart instantly, and he has been my constant companion from the moment I brought him home.

He is about 7 years old, has a significant heart murmur, and recently had his last 3 teeth removed. He has gained 3 lbs and his personality has blossomed! He is the happiest, gentlest, most devoted little man I could ever have hoped for! I have a chronic medical condition that requires me to spend long hours in bed and when I go out I utilize an electric wheelchair. Snuff’s devotion to me is unwavering, and he spends his time curled up in my arms, riding on my lap, or running alongside my wheelchair.

We have excellent support from family and friends, who assure that we are both exceptionally well cared for – but his bond with and devotion to me is unsurpassed. He is pampered beyond belief, and dances on his hind legs when he knows we are going for a car ride! His stamina closely matches my own, so we don’t tire each other out. He has been an absolute gift – he rescued me and my quality of life is so enhanced by his happy, loving, attentive companionship.

He is so in tune with my moods and health hiccups that he knows, often before I do, when we’ll be having a quiet day, and refuses to leave my side. He sleeps curled up under the covers, head on my pillow, paws outstretched and touching my shoulders. We are rarely apart, except for those few outings I take where he cannot accompany me. He is a remarkable survivor himself, and every moment we have cuddled up together or exploring the great outdoors is a a gift I can never repay. Thank you to everyone who helped to save my sweet Snuffy’s life, and for keeping him safe until we were able to be united as a forever family!