I adopted my handsome boy Ronyn a couple months ago. I could not be happier with this puppy. He’s the smartest puppy I’ve ever had. From day one he has brought joy to our family. He is completely house broken already, and since we got him he barely had any accidents in the house. He already knows how to sit, how to lay down, how to give his paw and he is not even 4 months old.

The only unpleasant thing about him is the nipping, which is expected since he is teething… he has had a few visits to the vet for his shots and check ups and he is a healthy li’l guy who is not so little anymore. I am absolutely in love with my puppy and am so happy to have him in our family, and he loves people, too friendly at times, when he meets a stranger. My cat on the other hand gets harassed by him once in a while but they also play together and at least Alorik (the cat) is getting his exercise by running from Ronyn.

Every time someone asks where I got him, I always highly recommend Northeaster Animal Shelter. Thank you very much for introducing my to my boy, it was definitely a great experience and a Happy Ending.

Best Regards,
Vera Means