I saw Buster while scrolling through Facebook one night. I couldn’t believe it! He was an identical twin to another dog I had rescued as a stray in 1998. I had him for 15 years. His name was Shorty Buster. When I saw that this new little guy’s name was Buster also, I knew that I had to see him.

The next day I drove down from NH and luckily he was still available. It was love at first sight.  He is a love. He has fit right in with his new dog and cat siblings. He and his 2 buddies, “Louie”(French Bulldog) and “Stewart James” (Cairn terrier) go to work with me every day. I work for a vet.

I have worked in the animal field for 33 years and have had many pets. “Buster” is the first animal that I have rescued from a shelter. My experience at NEAS was a great one. Very kind and experienced staff.

Thank you so much!