Joe and I just so happy to report that Bambi and Bay are getting along great. They just love playing and running around in our back yard. They are both snuggle bunnies and love nothing more then joining us on the couch to watch some TV and get lots of tummy rubs and scratches behind their ears. Bay is a bit shier than Bambi at first but still meets new people with a happy “glad to meet you” style.

We’ve introduce them to some dogs owned by some family who lives nearby and they were both very friendly. Bambi will let anyone know if she’s had enough of the sniffing and wants to be left alone – but she’s very lady like about it.

Bay does like to chew on slippers and what ever stuff she finds and she also is not shy about getting on the kitchen table. Given how shy she is, we are finding that minor corrections go a long way and is already helping with this behaviors that we don’t want to encourage. We are looking into starting some dog training classes soon and think both dogs with their agile minds will pick things up quickly. Now it’s up to Joe and I to do the same!!

Hope all is well with you and we can’t thank you enough for your help in the adoption of these two sweeties!!