When my cat passed away I was heartbroken and it took me awhile to get over his passing. I would come home to an empty house and I was depressed. I went online looking for a Maine Coon Cat and after a few weeks of having no luck I found The Northeast Animal Shelter’s web site and they had two. I drove to the shelter on March 27, 2010 and inquired about the two Maine Coons that they had. The staff informed me that they received 13 cats in two boxes that were left on the steps of the shelter. All of the cats had just come out of quarantine and were in this one room. When I entered the room,I saw two cats hiding under a couch;one was an older cat and the other was a kitten. I grabbed a toy stick with a feather attached to it and ran it in front of the couch. They immediately came out from under the couch and started playing. I fell in love with both of them,but could only take one,as I was looking for an older cat and not a kitten. I adopted this cat whose name was Max.  He was skinny and looked like a junk-yard cat when I adopted him. I brought him home and it took a whole week of his hiding before he was comfortable in his new home. I renamed him Woozel in honor of the cat that I had lost. He has been my best bud ever since and I look forward to coming home every day. He has brought so much joy to my life and I want to thank the staff at The Northeast Animal Shelter for their patience and their professionalism.