In early December, my husband sent me a link to “seven dwarves” that had just come up for adoption at the shelter. Initially a sad story, because after racing from work in downtown Boston, I arrived only in time to watch the last three pups go home with other beaming families. The following morning, while sitting in my colleague’s office, his wife (a wonderful vet at the New England Veterinary Clinic), called looking for ME! I thought it was a joke – but one of the puppies had been returned to the shelter and was available for adoption!

Since that day, Oliver (formerly named Dopey), has changed our lives. He is a little lover, always by our sides. Somewhere below this post is one from the owner of our Ollie’s brother. I’m quoting that post because clearly these pups are related; “He doubled his size in height and length in four weeks and has settled right in” and again in another four weeks! “He loves the snow…long walks, watching TV, too funny…and hates the word no…but what kid doesn’t…” Ollie is a fast learner, a wonderful companion, a social butterfly and life of any party.  He’s a warm snuggler, and the perfect addition to our family.

We cannot thank all the wonderful people at NEAS who made our adoption possible; especially Jen, Patrick, Brooke, and Jean.