At only 4.5 months old, I can already tell she’s going to be a lifelong friend. I renamed her Navi (originally Sugar) and she’s so comfortable with the routine I’ve set up for her. She’s eating a lot, morning and night, and sleeps with me through the entire night. The very first night she came home she found her way to the litter box and consistently uses her scratching post. She’s got more personality than I could have ever dreamed of, and more energy packed into such a little body than logic could comprehend. She’s even answering to her name, Navi, thanks to some treats and lots of head scratches. She adores new people too, and will conk out on their laps. I can’t thank you enough for running such a wonderful shelter and foster care program. Everyone I interacted with during the adoption process was deeply passionate about their roles in the shelter and very informative. You’ve filled a gap in my life and found the perfect home for a deserving kitten, so a huge thank you to your whole staff; specifically you, Pat!