When I recently lost my Rosie Girl at the grand age of 18, there was a severe void in my heart. The loss of a dear and devoted family member is hard and so difficult saying goodbye to your best friend (or child that happens to have four legs and a tail). When I visited NEAS, my intention was not to find a replacement, but a dog or pup who was looking to adopt a family. That’s when we came upon Totto. She was a spunky little thing sharing a pen with her, shall I say, more docile siblings. She certainly got our attention to meet with her up close and personal. It was love at first nibble.

Our little Ms. Peaches (formerly Totto) has rapidly become the center of our world. Smart as a whip, within hours knew her name, come and sit. She melts the hearts of all she meets with her smiling face and wagging tail. She has become best friends with her cousins Pippa, Livy, Fiona, Chloe and Cadence. Pippa, Livy and Chloe are minature Australian Shepards with an activity level that matches our little spitfire. She even had the nerve to grab the leash and walk Cadence, a 180 lb Rottweiler, around. Her Nana loves sharing her lap and reading the newspaper with Peaches every morning. I wake to a face washing and at the end of the day with a little peanut that puts a quick smile on my face. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shelter dogs are the BEST!!!