Buster is a mini schnauzer who was picked up as a stray on the streets of Miami. When we visited the shelter in November of last year, he had just arrived and was looking pretty pathetic. There is a saying that the dog picks you, you don’t pick the dog; this is so true in our case. My wife was the first to spot Scooby Doo (as he was known as then). As soon as we approached the kennel he came right to the gate and insisted on being patted! That was it! We brought our two daughters in to confirm the choice and it was unanimous! We brought him home that day. He continues to shower us with love and affection beyond imagination!

When he was found on the streets of Miami he weighed 12 pounds and needed to be shaved bare. Today, he weighs in at a healthy 25 pounds and is finally starting to look like a schnauzer! While he still has Miami blood (very thin) and doesn’t care much for the cold or snow, he is getting used to the Northeastern climate – after all he IS a German dog!!!