We adopted our Stella (formerly Lady) from NEAS in August 2012. She arrived by airplane from Puerto Rico after being treated for Heartworm disease. She captured our hearts immediately! Of course, after all she had been through she was very timid and fearful. It took us about 6-9 months to get her comfortable going for walks and being around other dogs and even to trust people other than us. She has come a long way- she now loves dogs, people and is enjoying every day to the fullest. I have yet to meet a dog so happy and outwardly thankful for what she has.

It’s true that rescue dogs show their gratitude daily. She is the biggest blessing to us and we have NEAS to thank for that. She was about 4 or 5 when we adopted her – old enough that she had seen a lot in her day and clearly had had some traumatic experiences – but I can attest that these dogs really come out of their shells when you get them home and they see that they can trust you, although it’s not always instantaneous. She is the most loyal and loving dog. She’s the best thing to happen to us and we love her so much!