Maverick (formerly Matt, now Mav for short) is doing very well! Our whole family is in love with him. It was hard for us to convince our college students to return their spring semesters…neither wanted to leave Maverick.  At home, he has my husband and I and our 15 yr old daughter to love and care for him. Every time we go out, we get him a new toy…it’s like having a newborn all over again. He has not had any accidents in the house, he does not jump up to the counter, he waits patiently for us to finish dinner by sitting beside the table. He gets plenty of cuddle time on the couch and seems to love us all equally. He will happily pretend he’s a lap dog for any of us. His favorite place to lay is on our ottoman and he snores there quite frequently. He loves to chase the soccer ball and tennis balls. We use the tennis ball in the house and have finally trained him to release it when he brings it back so we can throw it again. He eats and drinks well. We honestly could not have asked for a better addition to our family.