Macy is doing great! We adopted this 12-week-old shepherd mix a month ago as a little sister to our 5-yr-old pug/Boston Terrier, Maya. Turns out they’re both southern gals from Alabama. Macy settled in quickly and started sleeping through the night after a few days (which was nice for us). She’s happy with her crate and is almost completely house-trained, which was our first order of “business.”

She and Maya have bonded very well and Macy learns a lot from her big sister: proper play, toilet habits, walks on leash, etc. They play together constantly. Even though Macy has now gained the size advantage, Maya’s still the boss. Their favorite game seems to be “jawing” at one another like canine sharks, growling and circling and jousting (but never hurting). They also like to play tug of war with any toy one of them has. These games are great fun and also help to wear them out!

Overall we’re delighted with Macy. The adoption process went smoothly, even though you were very busy on that Sunday. She’s been a welcome addition to our family and we look forward to many years of good times together.