Our two new kitties are doing great! We have renamed them Lola and Popoki (“Poki” for short- it’s Hawaiian for cat). They are both very affectionate with us and each other. They get along great whether they are cleaning each other, playing like lion cubs, or snoozing together in a big ball of striped fur.

Lola is very sweet and laid-back. She got a clean bill of health at the vet and loves to take cat naps in the windows with the sun streaming in. She’s also been eating just fine and has put on a full pound and a half since we brought her home!

Poki (male) has a great silly personality and loves to play with all his toys and his sister. Although he is overall doing great, he came home with a broken tooth and a mild case of gingivitis. I am keeping an eye on both and treating with some dietary adjustments. Hopefully the tooth won’t need to be extracted but it is a possibility. However, he is eating plenty and has put on over a pound since we brought him home. He loves to sit on our laps while we relax on the couch.
We’d like to thank the shelter for helping us find our new babies- we couldn’t be happier with these new additions 🙂