We went to NEAS shortly before Christmas looking for a cat to adopt. Our 4 year old daughter had been promised that if she completed potty training we would adopt a cat. Having grown up around cats all my life, a 5-year span of not having one had felt like a lifetime, but we were ready for a new four legged friend.

There weren’t many to choose from that night, but Jenna suggested we look at the two cats in the community room. Frankie (formally Francis) was napping but agreeable to Jenna waking him to meet us. He is the most laid back cat I have ever seen! He just goes with the flow and was soon interacting with all four of us and in no time we had him purring.

From the first night it was as if he’d been a part of our home for years. He visits with each of us for lovings, makes rounds to sleep in each of our rooms at night, LOVES our pellet stove and napping on the top of the couch. Frankie greets us and any visitors with a couple meows and lots of leg rubs. We couldn’t have been more lucky to have him pick our family. Thank you Jenna and NEAS for getting us together.