Just an update…We wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience we had in adopting Finley (Sneezy) from your shelter….We had waited to adopt, after losing our dog after 16 years. As with any loss of a pet, who is really part of your family, it takes time… We were ready to open our hearts and home to another dog and here we are…Starting again…He is such a love…forgot how energetic and time consuming training a puppy can be, but know and have seen just how quickly they learn and just how rewarding it is for us, and Fin. He doubled his size in height and length in four weeks, and has settled right in…Took less than a week for him to sleep all night in his crate. He made fast friends with our cat Twyla. He loves the snow…long walks, watching TV, too funny…and hates the word no…but what kid doesn’t…Truth be told , we are all learning here. Every dog, every cat is different, but we are all very thankful to have Finley as part of our family….Thanks again!