We just love Ziggy.  And, oh my, do we have funny stories to share.  His latest antic –  he leaps into the refrigerator as soon as the door is opened and sits on a shelf looking out at us. He  sleeps with me and follows me all around when he’s not sleeping. He is very friendly with all who enters our home.  In fact, he received a “Thank you” note from a friend who spent a few days with us.  He was all over her.

He gives us kisses and head buts, and takes over my easy chair as soon as I vacate it.  He lies horizontally on it so I have to find another chair.  We have a Victorian House which is very large and open on the first floor, which gives him lots of places to jump up on mantels, piano tops, bookcases, railings, etc.  I call him “Zig Zag.”  When I clean his litter boxes he is right there watching me.  He is a joy and makes us smile a lot.

We thank you at Northeast Animal Shelter for all the good that you do.