On December 14, 2012 I went to the shelter to meet Tiko. I had just lost my beloved cat, Garrett, a month earlier. I wanted to adopt an older pair of cats, but there was something about Tiko’s picture; I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I kept looking at his picture for a couple of weeks. On a Friday evening after work, I decided to go meet Tiko. When I walked in the cat area there were so many gorgeous, friendly cats trying to get my attention. I visited with a few on my way to find Tiko. When I found Tiko, he was huddled in the back of the cage and didn’t move when I approached.

I took his card and Julie opened his cage so I could pet him. He proceeded to hiss at me, swat me and bite me, then cowered in his litter box. Tiko was so scared. I felt he needed a good home where he would feel safe and loved, so an hour later he was on his way to his new home in NH. It took him a day to settle in and then he proceeded to take over our home. He is such a loveable cat, craves attention and loves his stuffed animals. Tiko is a curious, playful little guy and a wonderful addition to our family. He makes us laugh and brighten our days! I want to thank the person who fed, befriended and took him to NEAS. And, thank you NEAS for all that you do and for taking Tiko in so that he could find his loving forever home!