Tiger Lily (formerly known as Facey Macey) came home with me on September 1. She had just celebrated her 8th birthday, and had been in the shelter for quite awhile. Her beautiful green eyes won me over, and I brought her home–all 19 lbs of her! I didn’t read about her background until I brought her to the vet a couple of weeks later and saw that she had a very sad tale to tell. We checked in at the desk and went to the exam room. She had lost a little weight, and after the technician left we were waiting for the vet to come in when the front desk receptionists came in. Little did I know that my Tiger Lily was an Internet celebrity!!! They had seen her photo on the shelter’s website as well as the Kitty of the Day on the Salem Patch. They were all happy she finally found a forever home. Lily took all the adoration in stride and it has not gone to her head! She sleeps next to me, reads the newspapers with me, tells me about her day when I come home and enjoys playing with her toys. She really is a love bug! I am so happy that she picked me to be her pet parent.