On December 23rd 2012 our beloved Sequoia passed away at the age of 16 1/2. (He was our first adopted dog from NEAS — Baby Ruth was his name). Along with him a little piece of our family died too. His companion Cherokee (also from NEAS) of 4 years missed him terribly, so we decided it was time to get her a new friend to love and share our home with, so off we went. Cherokee picked a female puppy who was 3 months old.  The shelter had named her Sparkle, but we renamed her Sierra.  Cherokee was a little unsure at first, but very soon little Sierra had not only won Cherokee’s heart — she had won ours.

Sierra also has 2 litter mates – adopted by other families – and we arranged a reunion.  All three have brought nothing but JOY, LAUGHTER AND LOVE TO ALL THREE OF OUR HOMES. These siblings will never have to worry about some one to care or love them for the rest of their lives. Sierra is fresh, has a goofy smile, loves belly rubs and is the fiercest protector. She licks me every morning to wake me up and demands  hugs at night before bed — what a way to melt away the worst of any day or situation — It’s like she is saying, “Don’t worry Mommy, I’m here, everything is going to be OK.”