My surprise wedding gift was showing up to Northeast Animal Shelter and my Husband telling me in the parking lot we were going to take a kitten home that day!! Anthony (my hubby) thought it would be the perfect time to start our lives together with a new little kitten running around! We looked through shelter carefully trying to decide which kitten would be best for our family.

And then we came across Scully. We asked to see her and she was very curious about us as well….I have had cats before and this was Anthony’s first kitty! Anthony was nervous and asked lots of questions and the adoption counselor was very patient, answering all of his questions and concerns and even helping us in choosing a food type, litter, and we were able to purchase everything right there!

When we finally arrived home, she wouldn’t even come out of the carrier. I had to drag her out on the blanket she was sitting on. She was very nervous and scared and we tried to make it as comfortable as possible. She hid in a corner and I finally snatched her up! I put her on the couch and wrapped her up in a nice cozy blanket and finally she was as snug as a bug in a rug!

3 Months later, she is running around and playing with her “mice”. She has an unbelievable personality; chatting with us, watching out the window, and even sleeping on my pillow at night. She has become the traveling cat, coming with us away for a weekend to New Hampshire, on quick trips to the store, and to Nana’s house! And we even made our first Family Holiday card with the 3 of us!! (Pictured here)

So Thank you to Northeast Animal Shelter and my Hubby for the best wedding present ever!!