Our new puppy Maggie (Ally) is doing great. She and Murphy are getting along better and better (she is learning her manners, like not putting full paws in his face or chewing on his ear like it’s a rawhide). She is super smart. She was asking to go out to go to the bathroom within the first few days, and we have had maybe five mistakes in the house total. She knows sit, is learning come, and definitly knows where the treats are kept. Her health is good, although she came down in the first days with a doggie head cold that my Vet watched, and it resolved within days. And she is set to go to puppy school in mid-January. As for the shelter and staff, you all are the very best. You care for the animals, manage and educate the people, and make what can be a very anxious experience, effortless. Thank you for everything.