Magee is doing wonderful and has taken away some of the void I had after I had to put down my Golden Retriever K.C. after 13 and 1/2 years. He is gowning so fast. His housebreaking is fantastic. Only had three accidents and they were my fault for not listening to him when he was barking. He is really getting to be one active little boy. He finally has gotten use to his collar and leash. He is allowed to sleep with me after his last run outside for the night and sleeps until 4:15 am, eats and will go right out after he is done. He has been going up and down the stairs since the day I brought him home. He really and I mean really loves the snow. He will put his whole face in a pile of snow and push it like a plow would. I am really happy I adopted him. Thank you for all your help with the adoption. You and the staff at Northeast Animal Shelter are wonderful.