My husband and I were on an overnight get away in Maine. We had been checking in on the shelter’s site periodically. He saw a couple of dogs from CA who peaked our interest. One in particular was pulling on our heartstrings a bit; Jesse (aka Tommy.) We dropped our bags at home and said “Well let’s just go look!” Secretly, I knew better. We looked at a couple of the dogs featured, and finally we were put in a room with Jesse. Whether you’re a believer in such things or not, at life altering times such as these, it’s always good to ask for “guidance or signs” about the decision you’re about to make. As I did that, 2 other couples showed up outside our little room to put “dibs” on our cutie. My husband said, “Well what does your gut say cause I trust you with this decision.” I knew then and there that he was ours. That was October 9, 2013. I knew that when we got a dog he/she would blend right in and it would be like he had always been part of our lives. Now, we couldn’t possibly consider our lives as full and happy without him. We’re proud to admit that we’ve become obnoxious “dog” parents.