We are so happy that we adopted Renee, who we now call Honey Bear. She is an irreplaceable part of our family and we can’t imagine life without her. She has been really wonderful with potty training, hasn’t had an accident in the house in over 2 weeks. She sits and is doing a pretty good job with lay down, stay, and come. She is definitely into chewing on everything, but we have lots if toys to remind her about when she grabs a shoe instead (although she is very smart and knows she shouldn’t).

Honey Bear loves people and is a little timid of other dogs at first but has made lots of dog friends on our block as well as our friends and family’s dogs. She loves to play and is so happy and tired after! She will run with us for short periods of time but prefers when one of us runs ahead so she can chase us. Plastic bags that fly down the street are her least favorite thing!

She is doing really well with crate training and knows the routine. Matt comes home at lunch to walk, feed and play with her so she is only in the crate for 3.5 hours at a time. And on the weekend when we have more time to play, she’ll get tuckered out and puts herself to bed in the crate.

We were very happy with our experience at Northeast Animal shelter, and have recommended it to others. The staff was very helpful and kind and we really appreciate everyone, particularly our adoption counselor taking the time to answer our questions.

Here is a picture of the three if us at the beach and one with just Honey, who loved finding crab legs on the beach!