Our new puppy Henry has been keeping us busy! We couldn’t be happier to have him in our lives! He is doing great with sleeping and housetraining. He has a little crate and slept through the night, even the first day we brought him home. His Notre Dame blanket keeps him warm and comfortable every night. He is still a little unsure about walking on the leash. The noises on the street scare him a little but once he hits the grass at the park he loves running around.

His favorite things to do are snuggle up on the couch and playing fetch with all of his toys. He has been to the vet and is scheduled to get his last round of puppy shots next week. He came down with a cough last week. We took him back to the vet and they said he had a mild case of kennel cough. He is taking medicine and seems to be getting better. He just went for his first hair cut. They had to cut him pretty short because his hair was a bit matted, but he is feeling great to be all clean.

Henry has been a wonderful addition to our home! Thank you to everyone at the NEAS. We loved how helpful and caring you were with helping us find the perfect puppy for our home. We appreciate all of your help!