We had just lost our mini poodle in September to liver disease. Our house was so quiet with out his four little feet. We went back and forth on whether to get another fur baby right away or wait until the spring. We decided to start looking. I am allergic to animals so we needed to get a hair dog. We made the trip to Salem aAlmost two hours for us) to see a mini poodle. We had asked that they call us if someone happened to adopt him before we got there. When we arrived, he wasn’t in his cage. Some people were looking at him and had decided to take him. My heart was broken. But my husband saw another curly looking dog and we inquired about him. Finnegan (Josh) had arrived at the shelter on my birthday; I thought it must be a sign! He looked a little scruffy, had a red collar on and was coughing his little head off. We went into a room to check him out and I forgot all about the other one who went home with someone else.

This little guy was so lovey and really just needed to get out of the shelter. I’d be crabby too if I was on the streets, picked up, neutered, shipped across the country and stuck in a cage with all strange people and other dogs all around in the same scary places he had been in. He came home with us the same night on October 9th. He is really settling in very good. He has fallen into our routine and we are totally in love with him. He has learned so much with us in such a short time! We named him Finnegan for us all to begin again. There is no doubt that any pet we get in the future will be a rescue from a shelter. We love the work NEAS does and we tell everyone we meet to go check them out for their next pet! This is a picture of Finnegan with us at the park after his first grooming! He is a happy little camper with us and he will never have a care in the world!