My almost 17 year old Yorkshire/Poodle passed on her own suddenly while I was at work. She was on 9 different medications, had Cushing’s, doggie dementia, etc. but nothing that should have killed her. I grieved for about a month but knew I wanted a rescue dog. I kept checking, NEAS’ website, etc. I found one dog that appealed to me and brought two friends to check him out. He turned out to not be the “right” one but in walking through the cages we spotted Bandit ( then called Romeo). He had just gotten out of quarantine and wasn’t even on the website yet. He came running into the room and immediately jumped up on all of us, but also cuddled nicely. I was hooked and he came home that day. Bandit is the poster boy for rescue dogs. He came from California and I don’t know his back story. He clearly was not abused as he loves everybody, men, women, children, big and little dogs, and even cats. We walk most days, at least 45-60 minutes, he loves the dog park, he is great at fetch, and also he is a great cuddler. Bandit still needs some help with basic manners but he is essentially housebroken, sleeps through the night, etc. Everyone who meets him loves him and I always let them know about NEAS and adoption. Thanks for all you do.