I was heartbroken when my 21 year old cat passed in 2011 and I missed him terribly. On my local cable station, I saw pets up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter and I knew I needed another furry family member. One night after work I went to the shelter and fell in love with the many cats and had such a hard time making a decision. I would have taken them all if I could. As I kept walking around struggling to make a decision, not wanting to leave anyone behind, my beautiful Princess stuck out her paw from the cage and that was it!

I guess you can say she chose me and I am so glad she did, I love her so much and it feels like we have been together forever even though I just adopted her October 5, 2011. She is so trusting and gives back so much love, I just had to give her the name she deserves, hence the name change to Princess (formerly Veronica). She has adopted all my family and friends who love her dearly.