We adopted Patches in January 2013. We needed new dog to start our life in our new house. Patches makes it a home. She lives to snuggle, give kisses and lay in the sun. She picked us,. She was kissing me through the kennel and I knew she was the one. I thought I was peer pressuring my other half into getting a dog. After playing with her in the yard he said, “She is coming home with us today,” and she did. Everyday we learn from each other. I learn things about me, her and life on a daily basis. Yhe unconditional love is amazing. She is my first dog and I love her so much. My life is now about walks in the woods, trips to the dog park and making doggie friends. The day we brought her home was one of the best days of my life. My life is filled with so much love!! Thank you Northeast for letting me take home my best friend!