We adopted Molly one week before I had to put my Rat Terrier down who was suffering from Lymphoma. I went to the shelter “just to look” to help me with my sadness. I didn’t want a puppy and thought I would look at older dogs. I passed Molly’s cage and she was laying down not very enthusiastic. Being a nurse I stopped and looked closer. I asked if I could see her. She was polite but didn’t really interact much. She waged her tail and appeared happy but didn’t seem to have any attachment to humans. I fell in love but was so torn. She was only 3 months old and my husband was out of town. After three hours of deciding I took the plunge and have never been happier with any decision as much as that one!! One year later, Molly is happy, very attached to us all and is the love of our family. It really helped me with the grieving of my late dog Cosmo. Molly is a beauty.