My family which includes 7 children were home during the last snow storm of 2013 in March and everyone was getting a bit claustrophobic. We decided to head to the animal shelter and see who “new” had arrived. We had been looking on line but lets be honest, not many people want to allow a large family with so many kids adopt a dog. When we went to the shelter I think the volunteers were a bit stunned and apprehensive as we started to wander around we turned the corner and saw Mia the boxer shivering and scared that was when we knew she needed to be part of our big family. The minute they brought her into the meet and greet room we knew we were hooked. Of course we thought she would stay off the couch, and never sleep in our beds. Let’s just say that never happened. Mia makes coming home every day a bit happier and a bit brighter. She is our 8th baby. Life would not be the same without her.