In August of 2009 my family and I adopted Jessie from your wonderful shelter and we’ve been madly in love ever since. When our family decided to adopt a dog we had all intentions of getting a 12+ week old puppy. We arrived at the shelter before it opened so that we could have our pick of the group. We were welcomed into the facility and were immediately taken to where the dogs were kept. I walked from cage to cage looking for that perfect addition to our family and I walked right by Jessie’s (Frances’) cage. My husband called out “I think we should take a look at this one” because she was “talking” to him…not barking or crying but talking. We spent a little bit of time with her in a room and fell in love. We were told she came from Puerto Rico and she was 10 months old..she was not the little fluffy puppy we were looking for, she was even better. She’s so sweet and such a wonderful companion….I can’t imagine our home without her!!! Northeast Animal Shelter is an amazing place and I would highly recommend them.