“At 4 O’Clock all 13 puppies will be put down unless you send a transport.”

In all her years at Northeast Animal Shelter, Betty had never received a call like this one. With so little time and so much at stake, she knew she had to act fast.

Betty knew that anything could happen to these young pups if she wasn’t able to arrange a transport. While we are proud to be a no-kill shelter, many facilities throughout the U.S. have kill rates as high as 90%.

She immediately called a horse transporter she knew who was willing to help. But, finding help wasn’t the only bump in the road before the puppies were transported. Just as she thought the crisis solved, bureaucratic red tape in the state where the puppies were located barred their departure.

Betty told them that she wouldn’t rest until each and every one of the 13 puppies was transported safely to Northeast Animal Shelter. She told officials about our 32 years experience, the over 90,000 rescued animals we have paired with adoptive families, and the support of people like you who help make it all possible.

Less than one hour before the deadline, the officials relented and the puppies were sent on their way.

We know you’re as pleased as we are that forever homes were found for each and every animal! It’s hard to imagine the fate of those 13 puppies had Northeast Animal Shelter not stepped in to help.

Your support will pay for truck transport or airfare so we will be able to arrange even more extraordinary rescues like this one.

Betty didn’t give up because she knew she had to save 13 innocent puppies. We hope her determination inspires you to make a commitment to Northeast Animal Shelter.