Simba, a 1 ½ yr old Domestic Long-Haired cat, came to us in April of 2006 after being put up for adoption…a family member was allergic to cats and poor Simba suddenly found himself without a home.

Simba wasn’t up to date on any of his medical work, which meant he couldn’t be adopted immediately. It eventually took two months before Simba was finally adopted. But unfortunately, that was not the end of his ordeal.

Within six days, he was returned to us because his new family said he was too active! Simba was easily over-stimulated and he would try biting. We sensed that his over-eagerness and high activity level were due to living in a cage for two months. Time and patience are the keys to unlocking the true personality of a cat such as Simba. We encouraged the family to try again and give him some more time, but they brought him back to us again on June 1, 2006.

Other shelters might have given up on Simba…even euthanized him. But at Northeast Animal Shelter we know that, with time, all of our animals can be adopted.

During the following weeks at the shelter, Simba’s true spirit began to emerge and, much to our delight, he was very energetic, playful, and loving. Lots of laughter was heard while we watched Simba play with anything and everything that he could get his paws on. We knew that a special family was out there who would offer up their home and their love to this special cat.

The day finally came when Simba’s special family did arrive. Much to our delight, they adopted Simba and took him to his new home. Simba now has a new and loving home, new toys, new family members, and even a new cat-brother.

We recently received a letter from Simba’s new family and we are happy to report that Simba is thriving. Although he enjoys running around, Simba also loves to snuggle. Even while being groomed, this once-hyper cat turns mellow by the attention being donned on him. The family said that Simba has been a perfect addition to their family. Simba, after a long and rough journey, now gets to revel in the joy, love, and happiness that come from being adopted by a special family.

Thanks to adoptive parents, Simba is free to live a life of security and peace.