Ruby and her puppies had been dumped right outside a veterinary clinic – so close to the care they needed — yet hours went by before a care worker found them and brought them in from the elements.

Once safely inside, the dogs were given food, water and immediate medical attention. It was then that the vet discovered that Ruby’s left hind leg had been broken long ago — most likely as the result of being hit by a car. The bone had fused back together improperly, causing her great agony.

Sadly her chronic pain, in addition to the stress of caring for her three tiny pups, left Ruby too weak to undergo surgery to correct her injury. Not wanting to give up on her, the vet decided to postpone the procedure so that Ruby could grow stronger.

When it was finally time to fix Ruby’s leg, however, the doctors once again hit a road block. During the operation, they found that Ruby’s bones were brittle from the malnutrition of a rough life on the streets. The normal procedure which called for placing two metal pins into the leg for stability was impossible.

After a great deal of thought, the vet chose to put one pin in rather than amputate her leg. And while it was not the perfect solution, Ruby was able to walk two months later! And even though she limped, the heroic dog was finally out of pain.

With Ruby recovered, and the puppies all adopted into loving families, it was time for the deserving dog to come to Northeast Animal Shelter through our Puppies Across America Program…and find a forever family of her own.

Ruby stayed at the Shelter scarcely one week before the Thompson family discovered her warm and generous spirit. We told them of Ruby’s complications — that she was healed but would forever walk with a limp. They willingly accepted the responsibility and challenge of the adoption.

Now the Thompson family reports that Ruby is at the center of their very happy lives. Asked about how she is faring with her leg, Ruby’s adopters were pleased to tell us that, despite her disability, Ruby has the distinction of being the “fastest Chihuahua in the neighborhood!”

From the very beginning, Ruby’s rescuers were determined to save her life…because they knew there was a place where this wonderful dog would be given a second chance.