Nathaniel, a one-year-old tabby, sat unsteadily on the cracked pavement of a parking lot just off a busy highway. He swayed back and forth, listening to the fast moving cars beside him. He was tired, and very hungry, but more than anything his jaw was in terrible pain.

He had been walking near the edge of the road, looking for scraps when — SLAM! — a car swiped him with a tremendous force that sent him reeling. A cat in his position would not last long without help…but luckily, that’s when Jean drove by in her van.

Spotting Nathaniel alone and clearly disoriented, she quickly turned the car around and pulled into the parking lot. Jean knew exactly what to do because she had taken in many cats before and nursed them back to health with love and tender care.

She grabbed some cat food from her van and walked over to Nathaniel, placing the open can down in front of him. He began to eat, but much of the food fell out of his mouth to the ground because some of his teeth were missing. That’s when Jean realized how serious the situation was and immediately took him to the veterinarian.

The doctor examined Nathaniel and determined that his jaw was broken from the impact of the car. In addition, his eye had been seriously damaged as well. While his injuries were indeed severe, thankfully, Nathaniel would heal with time. But the doctor suggested that Nathaniel be constantly monitored to make sure his condition didn’t worsen. An infection or other complication could easily kill a cat in this weakened state.

Jean gladly agreed to care for Nathaniel until he healed. Each day she watched as his condition improved and more of his loving personality shone through. But soon it was time to find Nathaniel a home. Although Jean had grown very attached to him, she had taken in so many cats in need that she no longer had room for another.

Fortunately, she knew just who to call — Northeast Animal Shelter! Jean knew that we would help find this deserving cat a wonderful loving family.

And we are happy to report that she was right — her little miracle has already been adopted into a forever family!

Many animals like Nathaniel arrive at our doorstep having led rough and painful lives. For this reason, we work extra hard to make sure that they find a better life in a loving home. No matter how long it takes, with your support, each and every animal in our care will be given a precious second chance.