We had a wonderful experience with your shelter. Everyone was very nice to us and very helpful and knowledgeable and made the adoption process simple and smooth. The shelter itself seemed very well run, clean and comfortable. I was very impressed with the care and attention our dog got prior to our adoption. So many dogs and cats and their adoptive human parents are very lucky to have this kind of facility!

Zuma has been renamed Daisy and she has adjusted fantastically well and she is just loving her new forever home with us!

Daisy is so very sweet and lovable and we were so pleasantly surprised to discover that she was actually housebroken and to date she has never had an accident in the house or caused us any concerns at all! We did get her a crate and she seems very content to have her own “house” but she also greatly loves cuddling up with us – so much so that more often than not she’s in the bed with us stealing all the covers and hogging up the space (but we don’t mind!) or making sure she’s right next to us in her dog bed wherever we are in the house.
Daisy is very friendly with everyone (people and dogs) and she loves meeting people and rolling over for belly rugs and giving kisses! She is getting so much attention because she’s so cute and loving and she’s so happy. We just can’t believe our luck in finding her at Northeast Animal shelter! All your dogs were so cute we wanted to adopt them all but we really found the right dog for us in Daisy. I saw a bumper sticker the other day with a paw print and the phrase “who rescued who?” and that really sums up our feelings for Daisy. We can’t image how we got along without out her already! We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family!