Doors slamming, strange faces, boxes everywhere -– Cheryl, a fluffy calico and her feline friends, Trudy and Vaughn, scrambled to keep out of the commotion. The three cats and the ten kittens who also lived in the apartment stared wide-eyed at the door as it closed and they heard the key turn in the lock. Three days passed and the kittens’ constant cries of hunger went unheard. Cheryl was sure…no one was coming.

She and the other older cats would be able to survive another day at most, but the kittens appeared as though they might not even survive the night. All ten lay on the floor, breathing with shallow breath, barely moving, starved and exhausted.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a key turning in the door — their family was back at last! But when the door opened, there stood a man with a paint roller in his hand. When he dropped the roller, it was clear the sense of surprise was mutual.

Frank had come to paint the apartment for new tenants. When he saw the stranded cats and kittens, he knew exactly what to do. Frank immediately called Northeast Animal Shelter.

It wasn’t long before we found a home for each cat — except for Cheryl, who didn’t like her cage and was angry that she had been abandoned. Who could blame her? Unfortunately though, in that state, it would be very hard to find her a home.

But that’s what makes Northeast Animal Shelter different from some other shelters. We knew it would take someone with a lot of patience and understanding to care for Cheryl — and we were willing to give her the food, shelter and time needed until the perfect person walked through our door.

When Jane came into the Shelter, we sensed that she knew exactly what it would take to provide a loving home for a cat like Cheryl. And when the two left the Shelter that day we knew we had found a forever home for yet another very deserving kitty.

If you believe, like we do, that there’s a perfect family for every one of our homeless animals, then please…make a donation to help give animals like Cheryl all the time they need to find their second chance at life!