Buddy, a sweet Shepherd mix, was born in Puerto Rico with the odds stacked against him. He had a congenital bone problem with his leg. When he walked, Buddy was grinding bone against bone.

He needed help, fast.

It was then that our rescue partner, the Save-A-Sato Foundation, found Buddy and took him in. Following an operation to correct the problem, Buddy underwent extensive water therapy. With much effort, and always in good spirits, Buddy prevailed!  Ready for a forever home, the staff at Save-A-Sato put Buddy on a plane to Northeast Animal Shelter.

Tail wagging with vigor, Buddy was simply one of the happiest, most loving dogs we’d ever met. We knew we’d have no trouble at all finding him a loving home.  There was a hitch in our plans, however, when we discovered there were still a few problems with Buddy’s leg. It turned out that he might have to undergo another surgery in a few years.

Several families came into the Shelter, met Buddy, and fell in love with his happy and playful spirit. But when we told them about his medical issues, none were willing to take on the responsibility. Buddy had many visitors, but no family to call his own.

It was then, the Truesdales stopped in to look around. They fell in love with Buddy immediately, just like so many others before them.  We told them about Buddy’s history and possible future. The Truesdales decided to give it some thought.  They wanted to be sure that if they committed themselves to Buddy, that it would be fully and forever.

Two days later they returned with great news! “We’re ready and would love to have Buddy in our home. We’re happy to continue his physical therapy and will give him anything and everything he needs.” Finally, a loving home for our adoring Buddy!

The Truesdales have remained true to their word. They tell us that each and every morning they take Buddy out for long walks. He’s even been swimming a few times to exercise his leg, and is fed only the best all-natural food.

With your generous support, Northeast Animal Shelter will help so many dogs and cats find the love, attention, and commitment they deserve.


There are thousands of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs wandering the streets of Puerto Rico — they call them “Sato” in Spanish. Thanks to people like you who support our Sato Rescue Program, dogs like Buddy are given a second chance at life. Your gift helps bring these homeless dogs to our shelter where we find them loving forever homes. Please help us continue this program now!

Buddy is just one of the many Sato dogs who found their way to Northeast Animal Shelter and their forever homes.