Abby lay under the limited shade of a car, trying to brace herself against the summer heat. She watched as people, bikes, and cars all passed her by, most without so much as a glance in her direction.

If she had the strength, this five year old cat would have called out with a meow, but the heat and her exhaustion had taken much of the breath and energy from her body. She knew she was near the end of her days, unless she could get some help.

Later that day Abby watched as a man, Melvin, got out of his car and glanced across the street at what looked like an odd shadow underneath a car. When he got a closer look, he realized it was a cat, but thought perhaps it was just a neighborhood pet napping in the shade.

The next day Melvin once again pulled into his driveway from work, and when he got out this time, immediately looked across the street. The cat was gone! Well, no doubt the cat moved on, or went home to a nice dinner with family Melvin thought. But just as he turned to go inside he noticed the same cat, this time sleeping under a different car. Again, Melvin thought this most likely was nothing to be alarmed about.

When day three arrived, Melvin drove faster than usual back to his house to see if he could spot the cat again. This time she lay under the same car. Melvin knew something was amiss. He got out of his car and began to walk toward the cat. Abby watched as Melvin approached, but had not even enough strength to lift her head. She could barely keep her eyes open against the glaring sun. Just as he got close enough to touch her, Melvin turned and ran back into the house. Abby was sure she would never get the help she needed. She couldn’t last more than another day, and Melvin was her last best hope.

Much to her surprise, Melvin emerged again, this time with a can of tuna. Abby ate voraciously from the tiny can, and when finished, she let Melvin carry her inside. He put her down on the cool tile in the bathroom and gave her plenty of water, and went into the living room to call a friend of his, one of the staff at Northeast Animal Shelter.

Laurie from the shelter examined Abby and found she had a terrible infestation of fleas, crawling all around her delicate eyes, and parched lips. In addition, it looked like some of her teeth were missing and the few remaining were cracked, indications she may have even been kicked. Abby weighed just five pounds. It would take a lot to bring Abby back to health. Laurie combed out all the mats in her fur, and bathed her in flea treatment, and fed her plenty of food. It was a long road uphill, after which Abby had gained two pounds and was free of the mats and fleas that infested her body. She was healthy enough to take to the veterinarian.

At the office, the veterinarian told Laurie at least one of Abby’s teeth was missing and the three around it were definitely cracked. A cruel individual had indeed kicked her. Now healthy enough to withstand anesthesia, Laurie allowed the veterinarian to do his important work. Several hours passed. Laurie began to get impatient, hoping to see Abby well again. Just then the door opened and the veterinarian emerged with Abby in hand. Abby’s wounds had been tended to, and she had almost completed her journey to full health, all she needed now was a forever family.

Laurie brought Abby to the Shelter, where the staff smiled at her near miraculous recovery from an emaciated feline living on the streets with a flea infestation to a healthy, happy cat ready to be adopted. Just a short time passed before Ellen Casey and her two children, Kevin and Emily, came into the shelter. They spotted a beautiful black and white cat sitting patiently in her crate…it was Abby!

That day the Casey family took Abby home. They now tell us that Abby is very happy in her new environment, and can be found almost always on one of the windowsills of their sunny home, or in the laps of her new family.

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