Carmina, a local rescue worker in Puerto Rico, was walking home from work when something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Turning to see what it was, she was immediately captivated by the huge, soulful, and deep brown eyes of a little dog. Carmina could see the dog was in pain and she carefully picked him up and took him to a vet.

The news was devastating – although the vet knew that the dog had leg injuries, he was shocked to discover the extent of these injuries. Polito’s leg was broken in three places and it would be impossible to save it…surgical amputation was necessary.

After several hours of surgery, the vet walked out holding Polito. Although he had only three legs, the sweet dog now stood with renewed confidence. From that moment on, Polito became known as “Three Feet Pete”.

Pete went to live with a foster family while he recovered. The plan was that once he had recovered from surgery, Pete would travel to the United States and then to Northeast Animal Shelter.

But things took longer than expected for Pete. He got an infection at the site of his amputation and had to take antibiotics to heal the wound. It was a slow road to recovery, but Pete was strong and determined. He made a full recovery in time to board the plane for the States. Next stop…Northeast Animal Shelter!

Unfortunately, several days after his arrival, Pete developed yet another infection and his forever home was postponed once again. A lump had formed at the site of Pete’s amputation.

After costly tests and a long wait, there were joyful tears as word came that Pete’s lump was not life threatening! Finally, Northeast Animal Shelter could focus entirely on Pete’s recovery and get him ready for adoption. Pete was a fighter and he had endured so much. No one was giving up – not Pete and certainly not us.

Because of everything that Pete had been through, we decided that Pete’s best chance for a healthy recovery was in a foster home. One of the shelter’s employees, Anna, eagerly volunteered to take care of Pete. She had seen the spirit inside Pete and she wanted to help him on his road to recovery.

It would also be a road to recovery for Anna, who had lost her sixteen-year old dog not too long before Pete arrived. Anna had been afraid to open her heart and care for another dog, but she couldn’t resist the longing and yearning she saw in Pete’s eyes.

From the moment that Anna and Pete went home together, the healing began. Minutes, hours, and days passed. Miraculously, Pete started walking on his three legs without a limp or hesitation. No more medications, no more pain…just lots of extra energy. It was finally time for Three Feet Pete to be adopted into a home that would be permanent.

Anna was heartbroken. She felt destiny had brought them together so they could both have a chance at happiness. Anna knew she had no choice but to adopt Pete and she recently told us that he is a wonderful addition to her family. This love and pride was evident in the t-shirt she was wearing that said, “Who rescued who? Proud owner of a shelter dog!”

You, too, can share the love and pride that comes with saving an animal’s life.

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There are thousands of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs wandering the streets of Puerto Rico — they call them “Sato” in Spanish. Thanks to people like you who support our Sato Rescue Program, dogs like Pete are given a second chance at life. Your gift helps bring these homeless dogs to our shelter where we find them loving forever homes. Please help us continue this program now!

Pete is just one of the many Sato dogs who found their way to Northeast Animal Shelter and their forever homes.