Some animals are so downright loveable that it’s hard to understand how anyone could part with them. That’s just the kind of little kitten M.B. is. Yet not only did his original owners part with him, they abandoned him in a Dunkin Donuts box in a grocery store parking lot.

That’s where Wendy and her sister found him meowing with all his might. The sisters were on their way into the grocery store when Wendy heard something that sounded like an animal’s cry. She spotted a cardboard box a few spaces over – and a moment later the box moved! Wendy lifted the top off, and a small, fur-covered head popped up. It was a hungry and terrified little kitten.

Wendy picked the kitten up and brought him back to her car while her sister went into the store to buy food for the starving cat. As soon as her sister returned, the kitten devoured every bite, licking Wendy’s hand clean.

Wendy freely admits that she fell head over heels in love. But she already had a cat at home and her landlord wouldn’t allow another. Her sister was in the same situation. Neither of them could adopt the helpless kitten.

This rescue took place right down the street from Northeast Animal Shelter, so the sisters decided to bring the cat to us. It broke Wendy’s heart to hand him over, but we assured her that we would find him the perfect home.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away, Lisa was mourning the loss of her cat, Alfie, who had died unexpectedly just a few weeks earlier. Both she and her other cat, Cheerio, needed a new feline friend. Lisa called a few shelters near her home looking for a young male cat to adopt, but she had no luck.

Then one day, Lisa got a call from a friend who had read about M.B’s rescue in the Salem News. Lisa took one look at the kitten’s picture and knew she’d found her cat.

At the Shelter, we named the kitten, “M.B.” – for Market Basket, the name of the grocery store lot where he was found. When Lisa came to the shelter and saw this precious kitten, she knew this match was meant to be.

“He’s just such a sweetheart,” Lisa tells everyone. She’s grateful to Wendy for rescuing him from harm’s way. And we at Northeast Animal Shelter are equally grateful to our committed supporters so we can be here to make this perfect match.

Your support helps us match homeless kittens like M.B. with the families that will love them. Please donate to Northeast Animal Shelter today!