After a long journey from Indiana, Hazel was ready to give birth to her puppies! Knowing there can often be problems during delivery, our Shelter Director, Betty, and the staff took turns staying with the sweet Collie/Chow mix around the clock

Early the next morning Hazel gave birth to her first two pups without any problems. The next six pups needed some help because Hazel was exhausted. Hazel instantly loved being a mom and took great care of her new babies. But she had another surprise for us – an x-ray revealed a ninth puppy was still waiting to be born.

Hazel needed our help. Medication was given to induce labor and an emergency C-Section was a possibility. After eight hours – and against all odds – the ninth puppy arrived alive and eager to nurse!

Hazel and the puppies received some extra special love and attention in the home of a volunteer foster care family. As you can imagine, when they returned to us, ready for adoption, we were able to find these adorable puppies forever homes in just a few days.

Today Hazel is still one special dog; just ask her new family who renamed her Scotty because of her beautiful red coat. They report that the only problem is deciding whose bed she’ll sleep on at night! If Hazel and her puppies could speak, I know they would thank our generous friends who helped us find safe and loving homes for them.