By Carla Chadwick

From raising the funds needed to care for this sweet girl’s heart, to finding her a forever home, Cupcake’s story proves what is possible when loving people come together to save a life. And I learned this first hand as both a writer for Northeast Animal Shelter and as Cupcake’s new mom.

You see, as you were falling in love with her, so was I. Each time I wrote about Cupcake, I felt more and more compelled to do something. And when I learned that we live near the cardiologist, I went home and asked my husband if we could foster her until she was well enough to be adopted…he eagerly agreed.

Obviously our first job was to get Cupcake to the cardiologist…and a few hours later we received wonderful news. While the doctor confirmed Cupcake’s condition, she believed that we could off on the surgery. She explained that, for the time being, the pulmonic stenosis is not severe enough to outweigh the risks of the procedure.

Of course I was overjoyed that she does not need the operation right now, but she will need extensive testing twice a year to make sure her condition doesn’t worsen. And with a plan for her continued care in place, it was time to bring Cupcake home to meet my other two dogs. They seemed to get along, but Cupcake preferred to be alone upstairs, far from all of us. She was painfully timid and sad…obvious emotional scars from the horrors she experienced in her life. And this gave me something new to worry about. I knew we could care for her heart, but could I help her overcome her other problems? I decided the best thing was to give her time, patience and plenty of unconditional love.

My reward has been almost immeasurable. Yes, the first few days were hard, but now each new day I witness a miracle. Cupcake has let more and more of her true self shine through…she snuggles, gives kisses, and even plays with her new sisters. She prances happily around the house as if to say, “This is my home!”

In honor of her “amazing” spirit and resiliency we have decided to rename her Grace. This week we went from foster parents to forever parents…and with this, we have promised to care for both her heart and soul for the rest of her life. She will always be proof of what’s possible when loving people come together…and a reminder of why I love working for Northeast Animal Shelter!